On the 28th of Oktober in 2009 Mozambique passed 45 days of presidential election campaign. For 45 days this country has gone crazy.

During this time the Mozambican voter has to be won over, but for what exactly is not always plain. Various tools are at the local spin doctor´s disposal. Posters, stickers, T-shirts, flags, snaps, beer, factional close songs and abysmal rappers. These fixings will haunt the people of Mozambique for 45 days and they seem to like it.

There are three parties that stand serious chances. And the rest are 47 other parties.

FRELIMO- Frente Libertacao de Mocambique, once marxist and now christian-social, oh, what a blasphemy! It is an almost unity party in this country. Its boss Guebuza sneers at me from every nook and corner for 45 days.

RENAMO- Resistencia Nacional de Mocambique- Once the most notorious terror group of the continent, now became a political party. Its boss is Alfonso Dhlakama. His profession has been Guerillia leader of the RENAMO , now he is party leader of it.

MDM-Movimeinto Democratica de Mocambique- half a year old is this party, but the hope for a democratic Mozambique remains. Daviz Simango. Her boss probably is the most interesting charakter in this spectacle. He is the major of Beira and was elected because he WORKS!!! His party was banned in 5 out of 9 provinces. When foreign financiers launched a complain concerning the fairness of this election, the election authorities preferred a corner to pout. Until now they have not come out. The MDM will reach good results, even though some provinces are not participating.

Coincidence and the only purpose to travel got me to various arse-ends of the world, and even there it was paved with Guebuzas, Dhlakamas and Simangos.

Now, the election is over, the winner will be decided soon and I have encountered one crucial experience: Elections in Mozambique.