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„“ shows cheesy Austria

The Austrian newspaper „derstandard“ shows „cheesy Austria“(German). to the slideshow

Austrian Photomagazine „FotoObjektiv“ published „The city of the bicycles“.

The Austrian Photomagazine „FotoObjektiv“ published the Series „Die Stadt des Fahrrads“(The city of the bicycles). It is about the bicycletaxis in the mozambican City Quelimane.

Health festival in the Grande Hotel Beira.

Grande Hotel Beira

The Catholic University of Mozambique, UPC, a local NGO, and Volkmar organized a health festival in the most famous building of Beira, the grande hotel. The grande hotel is the ruin of the most luxury hotel in southern Africa. But it still serves for twothousand people as a home, with no electricity and no running…

Western Cape in distorsion

The distortion of the images is giving back the photographer’s impression of the region as a tourist. He had just two weeks for visiting, so he had to be fast. Maybe too fast. Photos were taken and they came out distorted, by the speed of the travel. But that is the fate of a tourist….

presidential elections 28.10.2009 in Mozambique

On the 28th of Oktober in 2009 Mozambique passed 45 days of presidential election campaign. For 45 days this country has gone crazy. During this time the Mozambican voter has to be won over, but for what exactly is not always plain. Various tools are at the local spin doctor´s disposal. Posters, stickers, T-shirts, flags,…

Caras de uma viagem

Faces of a journey as exhibition… now here, in ENLUMEN BLOG.